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Best Hunting Buddy combines our Hang-M Gambrel interlocking system and highly durable Drag-M Mat into a single kit to take your hunt from the moment of harvest to processing with the greatest of ease. As a company built by hunters for the strict purposes of fulfilling product gaps, we offer one-of-the-kind opportunities to eliminate needless labor, time, and aggravation.

The Full Drag-M Hang-M Hunting Kit from Best Hunting Buddy

We are hunters ourselves. With wide experience in hunting, we’ve encountered rough terrain, wide-open spaces, lengthy hikes, and trophy-sized game. Our product design avoids hurting you as well as the deer or other types of wild game. There’s no need to call a buddy for help, sweat the hike to your vehicle, or risk problems with processing. Best Hunting Buddy has every need taken care of.

Use the Drag-M Mat & Hang-M Gambrel to make your hunt easier than ever!

It’s time to simplify and focus on the best parts of the hunt. Our exceptional quality, patent-pending, the complete system couldn’t be more compact, simple to use, and beneficial. With the big game hunter as our focus, every component is compact, lightweight, transportable, and durable. Making the labor-intensive side of hunting way easier, Best Hunting Buddy offers free shipping and the products you’ll come to know as your “Best Hunting Buddy!”

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Customer Reviews

People tried our products, and they loved them. They enjoyed our service and also gave their valuable feedback. Every hunter who has ever used our product has told us how much easier hunting has been for them recently.

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Bought my drag-m hang-m kit last year and used it quite a bit since then the vinyl mat has held up great! I just rinse it off after each use and it’s ready for the next time. The gamble works great for hanging deer and skinning. Definitely recommend this kit for every hunter. Also saves from ruining your cape on a mountable animal

Cole Gaudette

These guys thought of everything! I won’t go deer hunting without my Drag-M Hang-M ever again.

Ben Jennings

Using a skid makes for transporting your prize significantly easier. Allows for negotiating terrain and obstacles without the hassle of getting snagged on everything in site. This is a commonly used tool in the Military for MEDVAC situations, I’m very happy to see it on the market for hunting big game!

Archer OneTwo

You never realize how much more work you’ve been doing after the heart stopping shot…until you use this kit…you’ll never go back

Anthony Lewis

I purchased two kits last year gave one to a buddy of mine which made a great gift as well just saying Christmas is around the corner ! Anyway so far my experience with the drag-m hang-m matt so far so good if you are in a walk-in area, love to bow hunt Or simply don’t want to disturb the deer by driving into your favorite hunting spot this product was designed with that in mind it makes dragging your deer out so much easier without damaging the hide or antlers if you want to mount it also takes the work out of loading a heavy deer on your atv or in the truck , if that’s required you can use the gamble to lift it up high enough to load it or skin your deer out back at the camp ! It’s very light and compact , hunter orange to add to the safety aspect I could go on and on about it but the best thing I can say is I highly recommend it , Save your back you won’t be disappointed!

Frank Ragan

I just bought my first product from BHB and couldn’t be happier. I happened to run into these guys at a hunting show in Emerson, Ga and their customer service was top notch! They definitely build a Solid product. Great job BHB!

Donald Ploger

I purchased a drag-m-hang-m kit this year. I went hunting in Indiana and shot two deer and used the kit. By using the kit it was so easy to drag, and the gamble with handle made processing a breeze. I didn’t have to worry about dropping the meat while butchering. When done, I just cleaned the Matt and tiled it up, so it’s ready for next time. The Matt is durable and still new. I highly recommend this product.

Jodi Erhardt

I use mine 12 times a year and it has never failed me yet,I have dragged dear and turkey through brush,over trees and through the thick stuff and it still goes through it like butter and the handle has never broken or got that sticky feeling.This unit is easy to hang deer from with the auto grip cables that areattached to the spreader bar also it spreads the legs far enough where you can actually work your game without having to move the carcass around ,thank you for thinking of everything before you made this product.

Randy Frix

Awesome product!! Was struggling to load my deer due to it’s size on my way out of the woods and was able to use this product to help me out when by myself. Definitely recommend!

Brad Petersen

Me and a buddy both used these on opening day of the TN bow season. Absolutely blow your mind on how much easier it is to get your (game out) in our case two big does!

Ron Young

Awesome product. Don’t know how I lived without it! I recommend this to all my family, friends and coworkers. Great job guys! Thanks!

Michael Rogers

Outstanding product– well thought out, well made, and made our trip easy!

Nicholas Moschitta

Game changer for the avid hunter; this product saves your back and your time. Easy to use and easy to clean up so your always ready for your next hunt.

Billy Ragan

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