Best Hunting Buddy specializes in the needs of hunters. We’ve taken our experience and created tools of convenience. Unlike wheeled carriers, our highly durable Drag-M Mat slides over rough terrain and obstructions with ease. Less time, aggravation, and labor means you get to enjoy the best part of the hunt. Helpful for older hunters or anyone who wants to take the work out of removal from the woods, the  Drag-M Mat cleans up easily and ensures long-lasting performance.

Transport Your Wild Game with the Drag-M Mat from Best Hunting Buddy!

Rolled up, lightweight, and compact, the patent-pending Drag-M Mat is safety orange for visibility and couldn’t be easier to carry. There’s no need to call a friend and add scent and disruption to your prime hunting location. Utilize the mat to drag big game out of the woods without straining your back, contaminating the hide, or damaging your trophy. Order today and enjoy free shipping!

If you’re a hunter, you need the Drag-M Mat hunting products!

We’ve hunted in all sorts of terrain and weather. We’ve gone through the struggle, sweat, and time-consuming process of wrestling a heavy animal through the scrub, over trails, and weathered the long trek to a public access road. Our mission to make every aspect of the hunt enjoyable has resulted in equipment that will become your “Best Hunting Buddy!”

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People tried our products, and they loved them. They enjoyed our service and also gave their valuable feedback. Every hunter who has ever used our product has told us how much easier hunting has been for them recently.

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Me and a buddy both used these on opening day of the TN bow season. Absolutely blow your mind on how much easier it is to get your (game out) in our case two big does!

Ron Young

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