We started our business with a simple idea in mind, get your game home and in the freezer with enough strength left to enjoy time with the family.

We started our company right here in the USA, located in the Heart of Tennessee, just outside of Nashville. We make our products by hand and each one is tested by a member of our family. Quality, Form and Function are at the heart of all we do here.

We are avid Hunters! Heck, we spend more time in the woods than we do in our house most of the time. But we are not trophy hunters we are meat hunters, and the difference is how we got here.

You see, I had 2 open-heart surgeries in 2010! I lost strength, tired easily, and just didn’t have the power I once did. Additionally, I injured my shoulder in the following year and was limited to what I could push or pull. As you can imagine, hunting; or more to the point what to do after the hunt, was a problem.

I was simply not able to pull my game from the woods, often calling and waiting for help to come! While waiting for 2 hours for my hunting buddy (Now my 2nd Best Hunting Buddy) to arrive, it hit me, I’ve got to find an easier way. So I did My ‘Best Hunting Buddy was born!

As I mentioned; Here family is what we are all about, so we invite you to join us, and always have your ‘Best Hunting Buddy’ watching your back!

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People tried our products, and they loved them. They enjoyed our service and also gave their valuable feedback. Every hunter who has ever used our product has told us how much easier hunting has been for them recently.

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Me and a buddy both used these on opening day of the TN bow season. Absolutely blow your mind on how much easier it is to get your (game out) in our case two big does!

Ron Young

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