A Hunting Buddy always has your Back!

If our products ever breaks, you’ll get your product replaced*

At The Best Hunting Buddy.com, we have absolute confidence in our products. That’s why we’re making a reliability promise to all our customers. A promise that our products won’t let you down.

The Promise

If our product does break down within one year of purchase, we will replace it free of charge.*

How can we be so confident?

We make our products by hand and test each on personally. They are field tested by us and are created to withstand the rigors of hunting and the outdoors. Our products are designed to withstand the elements and provide you unparalleled performance.

To file a claim, you must request it in writing at Support@BestHuntingBuddy.com within 365 calendar days from purchase. This claim can not be combined with any other offers, and can not be used on products purchased from other retailers other than Best Hunting Buddy.com.

*Terms and Conditions
Should your product break, due to a manufacturing defect or error, while preforming a task for which the product was designed, within one year of purchase; you may request a replacement, minus any taxes and shipping paid.

Customer Reviews

People tried our products, and they loved them. They enjoyed our service and also gave their valuable feedback. Every hunter who has ever used our product has told us how much easier hunting has been for them recently.

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Me and a buddy both used these on opening day of the TN bow season. Absolutely blow your mind on how much easier it is to get your (game out) in our case two big does!

Ron Young

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