The use-friendly Hang-M Gambrel is the ultimate aid in processing big game. We’ve taken our experience as hunters to design the equipment we looked for, couldn’t find, and couldn’t live without. Tired of l ineffective and complicated processing catastrophes, we’ve focused on making the rewards of the hunt quick, easy, and far more rewarding.

Our Hang-M Gambrel makes processing deer & game easier than ever!

One-of-the-kind products created by hunters means durability. Our interlocking system is simple to clean and no problem operating. The square channel is lightweight aluminum with a rust-proof steel cable for cinching. The exceptional quality of craftsmanship and extreme strength of materials avoid mishaps and allows for cinching the hind legs even if tendons accidentally get cut.

Best Hunting Buddy‘s Deer Hoist Gambrel System for Hunting

Get in touch with us at (615) 521-9700. Send us an email. We connect and assist hunters from everywhere throughout the country. Our products work to your advantage no matter the type of big game. Enjoy free shipping and let us take your processes to the next level. Our gambrel-based interlocking system is sure to become your “Best Hunting Buddy!”

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People tried our products, and they loved them. They enjoyed our service and also gave their valuable feedback. Every hunter who has ever used our product has told us how much easier hunting has been for them recently.

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Me and a buddy both used these on opening day of the TN bow season. Absolutely blow your mind on how much easier it is to get your (game out) in our case two big does!

Ron Young

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